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Most people are immature in a relationship


Regardless of men and women, if you want an absolutely mature partner, then you should find someone who has a wealth of love experience, is emotionally stable, and knows how to get along.

Are you being unrealistic in a relationship?

If you find a young person and expect him to be as stable as someone in his thirties, you are just being unrealistic.

Is your relationship worth your time?

As long as two people can communicate smoothly and have the willingness to change and accommodate, then this relationship can still be worth investing in.

What you should be wary of is

❌why is he so naive?
✅why is he still so naive after so many years?

What you should be worried about is

❌why does he keep ignoring our problem?
✅why does he just not take the initiative to solve the problem after all this time?

What you should care about

❌Why doesn't he understand me?
✅Why he still doesn't understand me?


Normal people have all kinds of small problems in their relationships, and the same goes for you.

Do not try to blame yourself for everything in a relationship

It is never a YOU -problem but US-problem. Just learn in the relationship and be mature and grow together.