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JoyHouse Vibrator Guide

JoyHouse takes pride in providing a wide variety of toys, devices, and products designed to maximize pleasure for all types of individuals and their proclivities. Our vibrators come in a variety of forms, from larger wands to more subtle, compact pulsers, for a variety of purposes from anal stimulation to clitorial stmulation, and don’t forget the vast array of colors: blacks, purples, blues, pinks. At JoyHouse, everyone can find a toy to suit their personal needs.

Finding the Right Vibrator for You

At JoyHouse, we understand that the quantity of products offered might seem overwhelming to a client, which is why we’ve tried to simplify the process to focus on you, your needs, and your wants. Use the chart below to help establish what exactly you’re looking for.

Traditional Vibrators

✅Adjustable settings and strengths to match your desired pleasure
✅Cord free for ease of use
✅Rechargeable, no need for batteries
❌Limited to vaginal stimulation
❌Restricted versatility and focus area
☆ Internal vaginal stimulation

Winged and Rabbit Vibrators

✅Specific and targeted stimulation of multiple areas of a woman’s body
✅Designed for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation
✅Adjustable settings and strengths to match your desired pleasure
❌Can be very intense for newer users
❌Often more expensive in cost because of intensity, variety, and effectiveness
☆ Climax and orgasm

Realistic Vibrators

✅Most realistic vibrator, both with regards to its look as well as it’s feel
✅Length and girth designed to feel real inside a woman
✅Deep, rumbling vibrations to help imitate and enhance realistic experiences
✅Most realistic in terms of man to woman sexual encounter
❌Focused mostly on vaginal stimulation
❌Limited in settings and special features of other vibrations designed to stimulate multiple areas
☆ Realistic sexual experience

Beaded Glass Dildo

✅Smooth and selectively shaped for both external and internal massaging
✅Built from durable glass, smooth
✅Adjustable settings and strengths to match your desired pleasure
✅No need to charge
❌No vibrations or pulse settings
❌More delicate material
❌Lacks dual stimulation of vaginal and clitoral region
☆ Personal, intimate experience

Love Pods

✅Unique shapes and designs for external massaging pleasure
✅Colorful and fun designs
✅Easy to use and charge with external charging port
❌Limited capabilities
❌Limited versatility
☆ G-spot stimulation ☆ Clitorial stimulation

Vibrating Wands

✅Targeted focus on external stimulation of the clitorus
✅Wide range of vibration strengths to suit individual needs
✅Hand-held for mobility and control
❌Limited to external use
❌Less discreet than other, smaller devices
❌Can be louder with regards to vibration
☆ Great for clitoral stimulation

Smaller, hand-held massagers

✅Great for discreet carrying and personal use
✅Multiple settings to increase intensity
✅Small, intimate, and easy to use
❌Some need batteries
❌Limited capacity for stimulation- not designed for internal use
☆ Clitoral stimulation

Womanizer 2Go

✅Small, discreet, easy to carry
✅Great for travel, fits in handbag
✅Unique and easily disguised look
✅6 intensity levels, waterproof
❌Limited in its use for external stimulation
❌No internal stimulation
☆ Traveling

Buying your Joy House Product

After looking through to decide which type of vibrator you’re looking for, it’s important to research some specifics about each of our toys before you buy them. We’ve compiled some important things for you to know before selecting your final product.

Vibrator Materials

The material that a vibrator or toy is made from plays an important part in deciding which product is right for you. Different materials have different costs, effects, and purposes. Plastic vibrators or toys make the better choice if a shopper is looking for a firm, hard product, or even glass dildos for an extra smooth feel, while those looking for something softer and with greater flexibility might prefer a silicone-based product.

Finding the Right Budget for You

Considering the vast variety of toys that are offered at JoyHouse, it’s important to establish your budget considerations before buying. Simple, yet still effective vibrators might be all you want, and are less expensive than some of the more complex vibrators, with varying features, materials, sizes, and strengths. Once you’ve established your price range, you’ll have some further direction with what to look for in our store.

Selecting your Size

Vibrator sizes can range from a 1-inch, subtle silicone lipstick vibrator, to an 8-inch beaded glass dildo. It’s important that each individual determine how much vibrator they want and can take. Newer shoppers often prefer to start with a smaller toy or vibrator, and work their way up to something bigger and more intense later. The average size of our vibrators are approximately 5 inches in insertable length (meaning this does not include the handle or other parts not meant to enter you) and about 1 to 2 inches wide.

Battery or Charging Type

As with any battery powered object, the greater the power of a device, the stronger the source of power it needs. The small, subtle vibrators might only need watch batteries, while a 6-inch, 7 speed, 6 pattern vibrating dildo might need an electrical outlet power source. Many of our stronger vibrators rechargeable batteries with USB port connectivity, while less powerful toys might only require a AAA or AA battery. Consider your needs and preferences when deciding which type of vibrator you want to purchase.

Using your New JoyHouse Vibrator

Now that you’ve taken careful consideration of your own needs, wants, and desires, it’s time to take pleasure in your brand new purchase.


Before using your new vibrator, be sure to wash it after opening it from the package, and either inserting fresh batteries, or fully charging it from an electrical outlet, whichever method your toy requires.

Time to Play!

Again, it’s important to consider your own preferences here. We recommend getting comfortable and finding a location where you won’t be disturbed, to allow you to fully enjoy your own experience. Consider setting some mood-music for yourself, and having some lubricant nearby and reading to go should you decide you want it as well!

by using the lowest setting on your vibrator, and finding the right ‘spot’ for placement on your body. It’s your toy, your pleasure, and your body, so go with what feels good to you. Gently begin to press the vibrator against certain pleasure-zones for you, looking for what feels right. As you become more comfortable and familiar with your vibrator, you can take things deeper and more intense.

Vibrator Care and Maintenance

When you consider all the thought, effort, and money that went into selecting the perfect JoyHouse product, you certainly want to take care of it to keep it clean and working. We recommend the following when it comes to the care and maintenance of your personal vibrator:

Cleaning: Be sure to wash and clean your vibrator before and after each use. To clean your vibrator, we recommend washing it down with an antibacterial sex toy cleanser and drying it with a lint-free towel.

Using: Be sure to use a water-based lube if you use lube with your toy. Water-based lube is safest for the toy and for your body. Lubricants that contain certain oil-based or silicone based fluids can react adversely to the material of some toys.

Storing: Be sure to store your vibrator in a special storage box or bag. Many of our products come with just such a storage device, and this will help keep it clean from contact with other materials, chemicals or substances.

Finding the Truth Regarding Vibrators

It’s important to understand the truth about vibrators, and since you’re now the proud owner of a JoyHouse vibrator, we want to make sure you know the following truths:


FALSE: Women who can only orgasm with a vibrator have something wrong with them.

TRUE: A large number of women regularly struggle with reaching orgasm. It is common for women to struggle to reach climax as well, and the use of a vibrator simply allows those individuals to achieve their ultimate sense of pleasure. Vibrators are also a great way to help a woman find her own specific areas of pleasure, so that she understands her body better and can help make all her sexual experiences more pleasurable.


FALSE: Vibrators can cause lasting and numbing damage to a woman's nether region.

TRUE: As many vibrator uses have experienced, this is neither a common NOR a lasting issue. The truth behind this myth is that with certain, more intense vibrators that are used for an extended period of time and pressed too hard against a women’s area, there may be the possibility for brief numbness because of the intensity. However, this is a completely temporary issue and resides shortly after use in this manner is terminated.


FALSE: Using a vibrator ruins regular sex for women.

TRUE: Research has revealed that women who experiment with vibrators often engage in sex more frequently because of the increase in sex drive, arousal, confidence, and know-how. Toys are not only used to help women become more familiar with their own body, but also function to increase arousal in couples engaging in foreplay or sex.


FALSE: Vibrators will eventually replace a woman’s partner when the realize they don’t need them.

TRUE: While vibrator’s are a great way to find pleasure, they do not encompass all the intricacies that come with a fulfilled and loving relationship. While they’re used to enhance sex, they do not suffice in so many of the other areas that exist between two loving partners.


FALSE: Using rechargeable batteries will not ruin your vibrators.

TRUE: Unless your vibrator comes with an internal battery that is charged with an external power cord, users should not use rechargeable batteries in devices that use traditional, replaceable batteries. Batteries like rechargeable AA or AAA batteries often don’t fit correctly in a vibrator, or can cause damage by leaking. Always follow the recommended source for charging or replacing batteries with your device.